Drop #6

My poor greenscreen.

Zodiac Drop #3

Zodiac Drop #4


FFXIV currently 30% off at Square Enix Store


The sale applies to FFXIV:ARR, not Heavensward. It’s for PC, PS3 and PS4 versions of both collector’s and normal, including digital and physical copies. The prices total out at 13.99$ regular, 31.49$ collector’s editions. Here’s a link to… Read More

4-man raid: Lynvina

Savage Difficulty Bard.

Milo is a real wizard.

WanWanermancy go!

Heavensward Benchmark Software Released!


Character creation for Au Ra with the ability to save your appearance before you go, and lots of settings to tinker with and make sure your rig can handle the game before it comes out! So hype. Unless… Read More

You know you’re bad when…

Yep. This was a real thing that happened.