Zodiac Drop #3

Zodiac Drop #4


Killing Floor 2 Update Released


The update contains no major changes to game play — so if you’re holding out for more perks like Sharpshooter or Demoman, then brace for disappointment. The changes made are awesome, though. Some exploits were fixed and some… Read More

Suds Among Us #1: I feel famous now


I think it says a lot that I feel accomplished when someone makes a gif of me slapping my ass. Please don’t judge me. ;-; All joking aside, though, It feels like every few days lately, something happens in… Read More

FFXIV currently 30% off at Square Enix Store


The sale applies to FFXIV:ARR, not Heavensward. It’s for PC, PS3 and PS4 versions of both collector’s and normal, including digital and physical copies. The prices total out at 13.99$ regular, 31.49$ collector’s editions. Here’s a link to… Read More

4-man raid: Lynvina

Savage Difficulty Bard.

Milo is a real wizard.

WanWanermancy go!

300 follower giveaway

This feels like forever ago…

Valve Retracts Paid Workshop Mods


Several days ago, Steam implemented a Workshop feature wherein modders could charge money for their mods. To test the waters, Valve struck a deal with Bethesda and put the system into operation for Skyrim. It was received so… Read More