Suds Among Us #1: I feel famous now

Also my ass hurts. has too much time on his hands.

I think it says a lot that I feelĀ accomplished when someone makes a gif of me slapping my ass. Please don’t judge me. ;-;

All joking aside, though, It feels like every few days lately, something happens in this community. Maybe one of the streamers I fan-girl over drops by the stream, or I’ll be able to buy an upgrade for my streaming equipment, or we’ll hit a new high record for viewership/follows. And every time it happens, I have this feeling like “I’ve finally made it.” Even though I’ve had that feeling before, and if the pattern continues I’ll have it again in the future. You’d think I’d get over that feeling, but I don’t think I know how. I don’t think I ever want to, either.

I’ve said it a lot before, and I’ll say it again: You guys are awesome. I love you all to death. This community is what makes streaming a dream come true for me. Even if it’s just something as small as showing up or seeing someone SCRUB-A-DUB in the Duty Finder when I’m not allying with the french, I feel like I can’t honestly thank you all enough for making my day the way you do.

See you tomorrow.