Could “Banjo-Kazooie” Be Rare-vived?

Later this year, Keiji Inafune, former Capcom bigwig and the illustrator who co-designed Mega Man, will release Mighty No. 9, a spiritual successor to Mega Man, thanks to an outpouring of support from fans on Kickstarter. It looks like a few of the old Rare team members were inspired, because now the creators of Banjo-Kazooie are launching their own Kickstarter for a brand new 3-D platformer modeled after the much-loved game, fittingly titled Yooka-Laylee.

The game will feature two main characters named Yooka and Laylee. The dev team has promised that they will have powers befitting the animals they are based on. Yooka, the chameleon, will use his tongue in some of his moves, while his bat friend Laylee will have some form of sonar attack as well as flight.

The Kickstarter was launched on May 1, met its funding goal within an hour of being live, and has currently raised £1,052,919 (about $1,593,961).