About Us

About the Stream:

We stream live content right to your computer at 8:00 a.m. EST, every single day. The game isn’t the main focus of EvilSqueegee’s stream: The #Scrubolution is you. We’re about the community. The lurkers and chatters who come and hang out, answer questions for new players or for folks interested in the game being played but not decided on it, answer advanced questions, you name it. The chat is a place for fun, positivity and learning. We are a community that cares.


About me:

My name is Grant, but I go by EvilSqueegee around these parts. Some folks call me Evil, some folks call me Squee or Squeege.  No, you can’t have my hair no matter how soft it is. I stream out of a legitimate passion for streaming itself. I enjoy it, from the work that goes on behind the scenes to the work that goes on right on-panel where you can see it. I love it all. This is my dream job.



Don’t even think for a moment that I’m the only one behind the scenes making these things happen. This stream would not be the place it is without the help of a few amazing, beautiful, intelligent, generous people. They deserve the credit for this stream’s success as much as I do. Without these people, I would be nothing.

  • Tek_Yumi, head of the Mod Squad, has been dedicated and effective since Day 1 at running the chatroom and keeping it in line, making it a safe and fun place to be without overwhelming trolls.
  • Vampkiss1, my beautiful girlfriend, runs all the back-end tech stuff for the site, helps with our CSS, edits my terrible writing and keeps me on-target and on-point.
  • ImaginingMystic85 manages our YouTube channel and helps out with a lot of our behind-the-scenes stuff.